#Scrapbookdoc:  Creative Crafting Film Production

#Scrapbookodoc is Path 88 Production's ongoing crafting documentary.  This feature length film began production in the summer of 2017.  Path 88 Productions is traveling worldwide to gather stories about the people behind this creative hobby.  We're learning what motivates those that do it, and why creativity and memory keeping is fundamental to humanity.  

Our hashtag #Scrapbookdoc is the working title for the film, and we're taking that title to heart.  We're creating our own scrapbook of our filmmaking process.  We're documenting the documentary!  See our progress via our online blog and social media.  

Scrapbook hobbyist are storytellers like we are. Our craft is your craft, so let's share!  Whether it's our location filming, writing, or post production, when we do something for #Scrapbookdoc this is where you'll find it.  This includes our "sneak-peeks" of excerpts from the film; little bits and pieces of details from the wonderful people we're meeting while making this exciting film.