Initial Assembling

The most intense aspect of documentary film production is underway.

Over the next few months we’re in the editing rooms working on “Flying Fur” non-stop. It’s hard work, but we love it.

A morning begins getting fueled up on coffee. Caffeine has been out of the diet for awhile, but some editing habits are impossible to break! Once we’re into the cutting, the idea is to merge the footage together as elegantly as possible. Ideally, if you don’t notice the edits, then we’re doing it right.

The irony of being a good editor is that it’s completely transparent. A viewer will ignore the editing even though it’s affecting them emotionally, and just watch the film.

This week, scene #5 is on the deck. It’s a very intricate part of the story, so getting it right is a huge priority. The narrative transitions to the volunteers Paul works with in North Carolina. Of all the scenes in the film, this one might be the most tricky. There’s lot of great footage so it’s time to make it all “flow.” Wish us luck!

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