Goofball Love

Teddy Update:

There’s something we need to tell you about Teddy.

He’s just a big, goofy, adorable guy. He gets to be this handsome goofball because his ear surgery a few weeks ago was a success. For the first time in his life, he’s pain free and is feeling the love from everyone.

We revisited him this week with Animals R Family where he played non-stop. The box of airplane cookies from #flyingfuranimalrescue Paul Steklenski, lasted a glorious 10 minutes. He's starting to learn sign language from Polly, his foster family member. So far we give him a C+ on that. His just full of love and gratefulness.

Soon his stitches come out. Then a couple more weeks of rehabilitation. After that, watch out, the cuteness, goofball level will go through the roof.

It's all part of #flyingfuranimalrescuedocumentary