Round and ‘round we go. We’re up to #13 on our road show. Brunswick, ME is next! We’ve got a few more shows afterwards and then we need to add more locations or…?

What do you say? Can you help us get to your area?

We’ve had some inspirational support along the way; animal lovers and FLYING FUR fans that have helped us organize and/or finance shows to bring the film screening event to their town. Alicia and I absolutely require that grass roots support for #FLYINGFURanimalrescueDOCUMENTARY to make it happen.

We’re two independent filmmakers on our own that have been doing what we can since the beginning of the project: producing, filming, directing, editing, promoting, subsidizing, craft services, best boy, key grip, automotive repair, cheerleader, carnival barker, etc., etc. Whatever it takes. Animal rescue is a great cause and telling these stories is our passion.

With a helping hand (or paw) we can go even farther. We’d love to hear from you!

If you can offer assistance and opportunity to bring “The Fur is Landed” tour to your neck-of-the-woods, please contact us. Catch us while we’re still drawing red lines on the map!