Make It There

The “FUR HAS LANDED TOUR” will be rolling into fabled NYC during the 4th of July weekend. (we’ll pretend the fireworks are for us) It’s a great opportunity to showcase Paul's efforts, as well as the efforts of Animals-R-Family, and The Wilson County Humane Society in one of the biggest media markets in the world. The screening is at the Anthology Film Archives' Maya Deren Theater, 32 2nd Ave, and is 1pm on July 6th.

When we said we wanted to spread the word about animal rescue, the NYC show offers a lot of potential!

If you know anyone in or near the city, please encourage them to come out to the event. Also, if you know anyone, or know anyone that knows anyone, that works in the media biz in NYC, encourage them to find out what “FLYING FUR” is all about. This is a great chance for us to increase awareness and help Paul strive even closer to his ultimate goal, starting a PA farm for animal rescue.

This is a grass roots campaign that’s attempting to sow our story in the concrete of NYC. With your help we can do it!