Paul Steklenski of Flying Fur Animal Rescue has been saving precious lives for years. Path 88 has made a movie about it. Have you heard!? ;-)

Alicia and I are a two person filmmaking production company, and when it comes time for creatives like us to finally do a wide-release of our film, you can imagine that we can get rather excited.

Well, the moment of that worldwide distribution is coming VERY soon. On August 1st anyone that wants to watch the #FLYINGFURanimalrescueDOCUMENTARY will be able to see it via Video|On|Demand.

This is a big deal for us, and, hopefully, you as well. Please help us out and inform everyone you know about this film! With your help we can spread the word about animal welfare and educate people regarding the noble struggle of animal rescue!

Keep watching our FACEBOOK page for the countdown graphics ‘til 08/01. All the doggo images are from Paul’s camera and feature these precious animals the moment they’re finally on their way to their forever homes! What’s more inspiring than that!?