Your Movie Town

The first leg of our “FLYING FUR” tour is almost complete. Soon onto part two! Hope you all are ready because the second act is always the most interesting!

The VOD is coming in a few weeks:

Live events are being scheduled and will be taking place in the Midwest.

And, our premiere in Australia is right around the corner!

The momentum and education needs to continue. All of this is only possible through the organizational help we’ve received along the way.

Paul’s story, his goals, and this educational effort will ultimately succeed or fail among the grassroots. It’s our way forward.

Please get in touch with us, Alicia and Matt, here at Path 88 Productions. We need introductions to the eager animal welfare folks in your area that can collaborate with us in putting on a show.

Maybe you know that one ambitious rescue lady that loves to organize community events? Perhaps your sister’s brother-in-law works in municipal government and can help arrange an outdoor screening at the city park? Maybe you know that one guy who knows the other guy that runs the drive in theater over in the next town? Or perhaps you just love Paul’s story and want to help bring it to your neighborhood directly?

Let us know. This is the fun part of spreading the word of animal rescue. Networking among people that care!

Any and all ideas are appreciated! Share your advice, share your suggestions, and maybe we’ll end up in your area next!